Friday, December 12, 2014

Work hard, play hard!

Posted by GilaChess
I have to admit I am guilty of coming to Penang not for chess but for the food!!

Still the great food and meeting friends here was conducive to inspire me  to do some work on chess too.

This is what I wanted to achieve when I bought my DGT board - to be able to broadcast multiple chess boards live.

Granted it's not only my DGT boards but Arshad's and the PCA's, it's still hosted on my server and using my scripts.

It was no rocket science but a bit of familiarity with command line Linux and PHP was an advantage. I had to use some open source javascript chess players as well as a simple one line scheduled cron job code to get the above live boards working.

Basically the above was to ensure the pgn file was copied every one minute to update the javascript boards..

If you are in time , you can probably catch a glimpse of it at

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