Saturday, December 06, 2014

Now it's working

Posted by GilaChess
When I first posted that my DGT board was finally working broadcasting live, it was premature. The chess software kept crashing very 2 or 3 moves and I had to restart it. I thought it was heat and the fan would solve it but it wasn't the case.

Anyway on the final round of the Johor Open, I can now safely say it is working. Both board and video is streaming smoothly from the game between IM Nitin vs IM Dimakiling.

It was software instability caused by my Dell. Installing the same DGT and chess broadcasting software on my Mac notebook, everything worked magically for the first time. No crashes!

Lesson learnt. Even though the Mac is more expensive, the cost of time saved from constant crashes on cheaper windows notebook like the Dell, justifies the price in the end.

It's also a good learning experience as I got to use and learn 2 new broadcasting software such as X-Split and Ustream Producer.