Saturday, May 13, 2017

This happen weeks ago at the Selangor Open 2017 but it hit me today and I just have to share it lest it it be lost to memory :) (which would be unfortunate).

I was on my way out after taking some pictures for a break when one parent stopped me. Apparently a chess player was lying down on the stage and had fallen asleep there. (from the picture, right around where Hamid is standing). The games were going on and no one else noticed so I thought it was no big deal. Then the parent added that this player had started to snore. I couldn't believe it. Going closer and it was true. I heard snoring!

It was awkward. I am not an arbiter and with the on-going "skirt" fiasco going on, I didn't want to start another viral incident :) so I went to Encik Hamid to tell him. I was hoping that he would wake the player himself or have another arbiter to to this but alas he told me to wake him up.

So I did. He stopped snoring. Looked up and was disoriented. And when he knew where he was, he smiled and got up. He apologised and laughed it off. Crisis averted! No viral incident.

Will not disclose who this person was but I can say he is one of the top prize winners of the Selangor Open. (you know who you are!!)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Weekend tournaments aplenty but we Malaysians are not serious and lack the drive to push our chess to the next level.

For me personally I can see the vast difference in "drive" can be seen in how hard working Indian chess players are especially in the juniors. 

I saw 10 year old Gukesh pressure the first seed Selangor Open GM on first board and only his inexperience in the endgame saw him lose a forced drawn game. A very hard and long game.

He cried when the GM showed him the drawing moves post mortem. There is passion and great determination in the kid and I rarely see Malaysian kids in any strong match up (though amateur kids vs kids crying incidents are many)  except perhaps I did see Yeoh Li Tian cry once losing when he was Gukesh age. Perhaps that's why he is our best hope for a GM for the moment. The crying incident just show how invested they are in the game. Maybe that is why India now has 47 GMs!

Also, the emphasis on chess playing countries like India is different. Using Gukesh as an example again: I asked his father why is Gukesh here playing in our local Selangor Open ? The reason I was curious is because Gukesh is one of four players who qualified to represent India for the 2017 World Schools. To me it seemed a big sacrifice to forego the honor of representing the country. Any Malaysian parent would kill to have their kid represent the country. His answer was they wanted the international exposure. If Gukesh (also the current Commonwealth Under 10 champ) had gone to the World School,  he most likely will win his age group again that was less appealing and challenging compared to playing in the more serious Selangor Open. 

Malaysians on the other hand seem to favour international exposure a lot and go even as far as selling property just to fund their children's travel expense. I am not saying it is wrong..just that our emphasis is different.

Another example of this "different emphasis" is our non-interest to invest in improvement of the game. Take the recent Jacob Aagard lectures in Malaysia recently. Quoting Chessbase India's article : No titled Malaysian players attended the lecture! 

"While players like Adhiban, Ganguly, Diptayan Ghosh, Aravindh Chithambaram, Murali Karthikeyan etc. all around 2600 and more attended the lectures in India and learnt a lot from Jacob, it remains a question to me as to why the top guys of Malaysian chess didn't take this opportunity to learn and grow better. "

I am not saying Malaysians are indifferent to improving their game. Malaysian parents for example invest quite a lot in travelling and coaching expenses. It's just that the commitment to go as far as serious countries like India or China is not there.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What is a chess server?
A chess server is simply provides the facility to play, discuss, and view games of chess over the internet.

Let's see. How many chess servers can you think of?

For me it's FIC, ICC, Playchess, Chess Cube, Chess24, Chess Live, FIDE Online Arena and

However back in 1997 there was the World Chess Network. I really liked the interface and even by today's standards it was quite good. However it ran into high cost of maintenance and was sold and  changed hands a couple times. I later found out that Dato Tan Chin Nam himself was a major financial supporter for World Chess Network. It's a pity it was not successful as the initial years it was very promising and looked to be one of the better chess servers.

If it had been successful, we could say that today, it would be the first chess server that has Malaysian roots.

Fast forward to 2017 and the high cost of setting up and running a chess server is severely slashed thanks to the power of programming geniuses like Thibault Duplessis who created lichess and even made the source code open source! Not only that, the older FICC and ICC base codes are built from open source foundation. So in theory, any normal person with some basic technical knowledge can build a chess server.

Malaysia is mediocre in terms of chess performance but we are certainly gila active judging from the multiple weekend tournaments we have EVERY single week. So besides OTB (over the board) chess, it would be nice if we had our own local online tournaments too (hosting on is ok but it's NOT LOCAL) with prizes.

Besides hosting local online chess competition, our very own chess server is great for coaches to offer online tutorials to students who they cannot meet face to face seeing that the source codes of lichess can be modified to better customise features like these.

I am waiting for the first Malaysian Chess Server to emerge. Any takers?

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Monday, May 01, 2017

At the conclusion of Round 7,  IM Oliver Dimakiling takes over as sole leader of the 2017 Selangor Open after a draw vs GM Laxman R.R. and winning IM Jimmy Liew in round 6 and 7 respectively. 

Dimakiling now has 6 out of a possible 7 points.

GM Laxman R.R. and GM Nguyen Duc Hoa are folling closely just half a point behind.

Selangor Open Interactive Crosstable (after 7 rounds):

There are two more rounds to go.

Here is the next round (Round 8) pairing:-
Bo. Name Pts. Pts. Name
1 Nouri Hamed  5 6 IM Dimakiling Oliver 
2 GM Nguyen Duc Hoa  5 Udani Ian 
3 GM Laxman R.R.  5 CM Gukesh D 
4 Tan Soon Wei Dawson  5 5 IM Pascua Haridas 
5 FM Villanueva Nelson  5 5 IM Senador Emmanuel 
6 Lye Lik Zang  5 WFM Azman Hisham Nur Nabila 
7 GM Barsov Alexei  Noor Akbar Muhd Aziz Farhan 
8 IM Liew Chee-Meng Jimmy  Manaog Stewart 
9 Chan Yi Meng Ryan  Bagamasbad Efren 
10 Bharat Kumar Reddy Poluri  Khandhar Kaushal 
11 Kong Ren En  4 4 IM Chan Peng Kong 
12 Tan Yong Zhao  4 4 Yap Egin Darrel 
13 Kumaresan Nhavin  4 4 CM Ng Jen Sheng 
14 Chor Muhd Ali  4 4 Koo Wei Xin Rosamund 
15 FM Wong Yinn Long  Yee Jian Yang 
16 AIM Muzzaffar Ahmad  Edithso Samantha 
17 Mohd Saprin Amir Qayyim  Yeoh Chin Seng 
18 WFM Azman Hisham Nur Najiha  Koo Wei Wei Melanie 
19 Mohd Saprin Amir Ghaazi  Tekno Sandjojo 
20 WCM Goh Jie Yi  3 3 Kimbin Richard Conrod 
21 Wong Zi Yue  3 3 Jaffar Wazir 
22 WCM Fong Mi Yen  3 3 Thang Kit Han 
23 Eng Jia Qian  3 3 Chembeti Shreesh Amit 
24 Lee Care Greene  3 3 Sim Jia Ru 
25 Ravi Shangkar Ravichanthar  3 Chew Yaw Chong 
26 Bai Adelard  Lee Christopher 
27 Ho Chen Ee  Tan Yong Hau 
28 Saw Lye Guan  Sarvadh Sathiaram 
29 Syabani Muhammad Naqib  2 Mohd Saprin Amir Muqqri 
30 Rahimie Mustafa  2 2 Ang Jing Xuan 
31 Lee Yib Yi  2 AFM Razali Muhd Syukur 
32 Tang En Xin Esther  Abdul Rashid Hasidin 
33 Aziz Ziz Zam  1 1 Kumar Sri Shiva 
34 Ong Way Justin  0 not paired

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Going into Round 7, IM Oliver Dimakiling and GM Laxman are sharing the lead with 5 out of 6 points.

Round 7 pairing

Bo. Name Pts. Pts. Name
1 IM Dimakiling Oliver  5 IM Liew Chee-Meng Jimmy 
2 IM Pascua Haridas  5 GM Laxman R.R. 
3 Bagamasbad Efren  GM Nguyen Duc Hoa 
4 CM Gukesh D  Nouri Hamed 
5 Udani Ian  FM Villanueva Nelson 
6 IM Senador Emmanuel  4 Bharat Kumar Reddy Poluri 
7 Khandhar Kaushal  4 4 GM Barsov Alexei 
8 Koo Wei Xin Rosamund  4 4 Tan Soon Wei Dawson 
9 WFM Azman Hisham Nur Nabila  4 4 Kong Ren En 
10 IM Chan Peng Kong  Chor Muhd Ali 
11 Tekno Sandjojo  Lye Lik Zang 
12 Noor Akbar Muhd Aziz Farhan  AIM Muzzaffar Ahmad 
13 Yeoh Chin Seng  Chan Yi Meng Ryan 
14 Manaog Stewart  Edithso Samantha 
15 Tan Yong Zhao  3 FM Wong Yinn Long 
16 Yap Egin Darrel  3 3 Eng Jia Qian 
17 CM Ng Jen Sheng  3 3 Wong Zi Yue 
18 Kimbin Richard Conrod  3 3 Kumaresan Nhavin 
19 Yee Jian Yang  3 3 Mohd Saprin Amir Ghaazi 
20 Sim Jia Ru  3 Mohd Saprin Amir Qayyim 
21 Sarvadh Sathiaram  WFM Azman Hisham Nur Najiha 
22 Jaffar Wazir  Thang Kit Han 
23 Koo Wei Wei Melanie  Ho Chen Ee 
24 WCM Goh Jie Yi  Lee Care Greene 
25 Lee Christopher  2 WCM Fong Mi Yen 
26 Tan Yong Hau  2 2 Saw Lye Guan 
27 Ang Jing Xuan  2 2 Ravi Shangkar Ravichanthar 
28 Chembeti Shreesh Amit  2 2 Rahimie Mustafa 
29 Chew Yaw Chong  Lee Yib Yi 
30 Abdul Rashid Hasidin  Bai Adelard 
31 Mohd Saprin Amir Muqqri  Tang En Xin Esther 
32 Kumar Sri Shiva  1 1 Syabani Muhammad Naqib 
33 AFM Razali Muhd Syukur  1 1 Aziz Ziz Zam 
34 Ong Way Justin  0 not paired

Some pictures from Round 7

Friday, April 28, 2017

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