Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I know it's easier now more than even to travel light especially when we have  Chess Apps for the Chess Warrior but sometimes the serious chess warrior still needs a full blown PC. In cases like these the Chess Warrior can still be mobile by using a computer on a stick.

Yes, it's a full functional PC!

I have blogged about this before but that was the first generation of this device which understandably had teething problems like having horrendous WiFi connection and crippled by only having one USB port. The current new 2nd generation however has fixed all that that meaning it is now very feasible to be used as a proper chess computer.

That means you can have the full blown version of Chessbase, Fritz, Stockfish, Houdini etc running on it. For local tourneys like the Malaysian Open, Penang Open and Johor Open I have managed to use the various hotel TVs as monitor as all of them have HDMI ports which this PC on a stick uses. Coupled with wireless keyboard and mouse you can be up and about preparing like a real Chess Warrior without lugging along a heavy laptop.

So is it really adequate? Let's check out the specs:

  • * Intel® Atom x5 Z8300 Processor 1.44GHz~1.84GHz Quad-Core
  • * Intel® HD Graphics and HD Audio
  • * 2GB DDR3L RAM
  • * 32GB eMMC Storage Drive
  • * Wireless-AC + Bluetooth
  • * GENUINE Microsoft Windows 10 Preloaded

That's just one of the typical PC on a stick that's available on sale at Lazada (price RM 608).

But please, shop around. You may find a better bargain or better model elsewhere.

One big question: Is the processor (CPU) good enough?

The Intel X5 came out in 2015 and is certainly no speed demon but it's definitely faster than your phone or tablet. And it's more than adequate to run any chess apps on it.

One thing I am not happy with is the tiny 32Gb where 20Gb can be used. But most of it is already taken up by the OS so your are left with only a few Gb to play around with. Still there is the Micro SD card slot making it possible to use up to 128Gb of external storage if you need it.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Knowing our famous Malaysian habit of registering last minute I thought this post is timely.

Well maybe not last call since you can still register after today (1st August 2017). So hurry up register and pay up now if you want to save the RM 100 'fine' for being late. ( for details).

Advice from Mr Hamid is to register the team first and worry about who are your team members later.

P/S: Thanks to Ng6 for reminding this procrastinator about this too.

Monday, July 31, 2017

There is so many weekend tourneys in Malaysia I don't visit any except if I am invited or if it's near my place. (This tourney happened to be 10minutes away from IKEA where I was having breakfast). This tourney in Dr Cafe is special because it is held in a cafe and there is free lunch provided.

From the prize money and entrance fee (RM 40) it can be quickly deduced the cost is mostly covered by the main sponsor - Dr Cafe. Certainly a change with many other weekend tournaments that try to break even or profit from the entrance fee.

First thing I noticed is the nice atmosphere where the tourney was taking place. It was like playing chess in Starbucks!

I've never heard of Dr Cafe before but a quick check with FourSquares shows it is rated highly by locals. Few cafes are highly rated and Malaysian Foodies are a spoilt lot. Wished I got a chance to try any of Dr Cafe beverage but didn't so can
't write a review on that. Next time!

The event advertised the maximum of 100 participants but only 77 were present. That is a repectable number as this event clashed with another tournament taking place in Klang Valley at the same time.

41 were playing in the junior (Under 12) section  and a total of 36 players played under the combined Under 18 and Open section.

To show you how busy the junior section was here is a time-lapse video:

The Chief Arbiter

The cafe was certainly not big enough to cater for both chess participants AND their parents as well as their own customers so some tents were set up outside. That's good planning by DR Cafe otherwise it would have been pretty uncomfortable.

All participants got free lunch which was nice. (again since I didn't take part I didn't get to taste their lunch :( )

Arbiter! Arbiter!

The Open/Under-18 was won by Aron Teh with a score of a perfect 6/6!

Razali Hamzah (Ng6) won 2nd prize.

Dawson Tan took 3rd prize.

Esther Tan - U18 champion.

More pictures from the event:-

Full results in


Sponsorship from Dr Cafe also meant loss of normal customers for the day as can be seen we chess players totally monopolised the cafe space! :)

P/S: Would have love to have captured some top board games (especially those games from Aron Teh!)but the cafe tables were too small to place a big ass DGT board on top of it. I could have another camera capture the action live but I don't have enough spare cams yet. Next time!!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Watch out for her!

Here are some pictures of Samantha in action at the Selangor Open 2017.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

The show was definitely entertaining and I think is the best of all the Spiderman movie iterations. Particularly for that one lesson it brings. I was particularly surprised how high tech they made Spiderman suit and of course, it was natural the Spidey grew rather too dependant on it.

It's like chess player's over reliance on databases, engines and ratings to make them feel confident in a competition.

For me, my weakness was the fear of getting into an official rated FIDE game or online rated game. At least not until I improved my game to a decent level. This procrastinating and lack of self confidence behaviour even stopped me from joining rated games in Starcraft for fear I don't get a decent starting ranking/rating (not until I improved my game a little). Of course I know this becomes a perpetual cycle of excuse for inaction.

I liked how Spidey learnt the hard way and quickly relied on the little that he has to make the best of things. The finale shows him fighting without his high tech suit.

Work with what little you have, recognize your strengths and make the most out of it.

Overall I give this movie an 8/10.

So how did you find the movie?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017

Tarikh: 15.07.2017
Tempat : Level 36 City Square Office Tower, Johor Bahru, Johor
Format:  6/7 pusinganSwiss individu(dengan hadiah pasukan), 20 minit setaip pemain
Kejohanan terbuka kepada pemain Johor *sahaja
Pengarah Pertandingan : Dinesh 014-6115256
HadiahHadiah KhasHadiah Pasukan
Johan:  RM 300Perempuan Terbaik:         RM 80Pasukan Terbaik
Ke2 :     RM200Veteran Terbaik >50         RM50Pasukan B16 Terbaik
Ke3 :     RM120B16 Terbaik                        RM50Pasukan B12 Terbaik
Ke4:      RM100Perempuan B16 Terbaik   RM50
Ke5 :     RM80B12 Terbaik                        RM30
Ke6 :     RM60Perempuan B12 Terbaik   RM30
Ke7 :     RM50Bawah 10 Terbaik              RM30
Ke8:      RM 50Perempuan B10 Terbaik   RM30
Ke9:      RM40B8 Terbaik                          RM30
Ke10:    RM 40Perempuan B8 Terbaik     RM30
Pendaftaran :9.00 pagi
Pusingan 1-3:10.30 pagi – 1.30 ptg
Rehat:1.30ptg – 2.30 ptg
Pusingan 4-7:2.30ptg – 6.30 ptg
Penutup/Penyampaian Hadiah :6.45ptg
1.  Yuran:  RM 20            B12 : RM10     tarikh tutup: 12.7.2016  Penyertaan lewat  RM30   B12: RM20
1.  Bank in Akuan Semasa Persatuan Catur Negeri Johor, RHB Bank , 20101700234090
2.  Hantar slip bayaran kepada
3.  Mengisi Borang online Pendaftaran Online     di laman web Johor Chess AssociationList of players registered for Johor Closed 2017
4. Pendaftaran adalah lengkap hanya setelah pembayaran telah selesai
5.  Sila masukan nama pasukan anda.  Sebuah pasukan mesti mempunyai 4 orang pemain.
1.  Pemain Johor *adalah warga Malaysia yang  dilahir di Johor atau belajar / kerja di Johor sekurang kurang dalam 6 bulan yang lepas.
2.  Hadiah khas diberi jika sekurang-kurangnya ada 3 penyertaan.
3.  Hadiah pasukan diberi jika sekurang kurangnya ada 2 penyertaan dalam kategori tersebut
4.  Persatuan Catur Negeri Johor berhak untuk membuat perubahan tanpa pemberitahuan awal.  Segala keputusan PCNJ adalah muktamad.
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