Saturday, December 06, 2014

Lessons learnt

Posted by GilaChess

Left an hour early to clear my room and put all my things in my car before the 12pm checkout time.

Last tournament during the KL Open it was havoc, when I rushed and lost 2 rounds of score sheets. I didn't know that during the closing ceremony itself we had to check out and with my room full of my stuff, it's surprising I didn't lose more than score sheets.

Anyway this time around it's less stressful. Arrived in Johor just in time to check in. During the KL Open I arrived a day early, had no room and had to pay extra for a hotel.

Also, learnt that I should have brought my Mac machine with 16Gb RAM so that it can handle the additional live broadcasting requirement. Both my notebooks have teeny 4Gb RAM which may have contributed to the problems I had earlier.

Anyway, next tournament is the Penang Open!