Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sorry for the poor reporting

Posted by GilaChess
I was supposed to cover the Penang Open via my blogs but as it turned out I didn't post much updates at all ! The reason was this:-
I didn't expect to have anything to do with the live broadcast this time as this was handled by Arshad. As it turned out he faced mysterious technical problems and that really sucked up my time to write anything.

Anyway, I am glad I learnt something new like writing custom scripts to support multiple board displays. It may not look like much but a lot of effort went in making that 5 boards display possible :)

Also I have to thank Penang Chess Association for sponsoring by board and lodging. Without that it would have been an expensive affair to go to Penang.


Unknown said...

Our long discussion on our chess facebook group talking about why GM Susanto play with IM Naraya in just 5 moves. Hehehe