Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Setia Alam Chess

Posted by GilaChess
Just got a parking summons this morning and I noticed that there was an early bird incentive to settle it for RM 10 instead of RM 30. I could have settled it online but then I won't have a 'hard' copy of the receipt and many times I do get reminder that I have not paid the fine even though I have.

Since  MPSA - Setia Alam is near the venue of a new chess tourney, I took this as an excuse to drive there.

20 minutes drive.

Food should be no problem as this Nasi Kandar shop seems quite popular.

Entrance of TESCO, one of the main sponsors of the event.

I even bumped into Syazrin who is the man behind making this tournament possible.

The playing venue is this connecting bridge between TESCO and more shophouses adjacent to the shopping complex.

Outside of the shopping complex is probably better than inside as it is a lot quieter. Those who have played in Seremban Parade and Klang Parade will know what I am talking about.

Looks like an interesting place to play chess. I will definitely drop by since this place is so near my home.

Bought some groceries and had some Cendol before heading home.


GiLoCatur said...


Where r u staying by the way?
I thought u r staying somewhere in section 20+ shah alam.