Thursday, June 13, 2013

KL Masters starts today

Starting rank list of players

7GMTiviakov SergeiNED2644
2GMLuther ThomasGER2552
4GMMurshed NiazBAN2479
5IMGoh Wei Ming KevinSIN2441
1IMNolte RolandoPHI2440
8IMDimakiling OliverPHI2372
11IMWohl Aleksandar H.AUS2369
9IMRamnath Bhuvanesh.RIND2352
6IMMas HafizulhelmiMAS2347
10WGMPadmini RoutIND2347
3GMWong Meng KongSIN2301
Chess Results link:-

First rounds starts today at 4pm at the Garden Inn Hotel KL. Our very own IM Mas will be meeting top seed GM Tiviakov on one of the 5 boards being played today.

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