Friday, June 07, 2013

Disappointment for Ismail Ahmad

Posted by Andrew Ooi

Retired police sargent Ismail Ahmad apparently will not receive his gold medal for winning first place in the Senior 50 section of the ASEAN+ tournament.

The reason seems to be that although Ismail Ahmad is 50 years old this year, his birthday will be on November. It has got to be frustrating for Ismail to play all 7 games and finish in first spot then be told at the end.

Logically he should be told during registration when all the details were collected. To me, there is something so wrong with telling a person who has just won the event that he cannot win based on a technicality that was discovered after he had been allowed to participate.


Anonymous said...

MCF should step in and help Ismail. Will MCF help? i dont think so... pity of Ismail..anyway...bravo... u r d champ!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats En Ismail Ahmad, you are truly winner to our eyes, eventho there were disqualification dispute