Tuesday, December 01, 2015

My Penang Open prep

Posted by Andrew Ooi
Nothing to do with chess but very important if I am to blog trouble-free during the Penang Open.

I need to do something drastic like reformatting my main notebook. It's the Mac Book Air and the current and latest OSx El Capitan is bad for me.

The reason being, I cannot use my long range USB wifi adapter, the AWU SN036NH. Previously it worked with the older version, OSx Yosemite. This usb adapter is useful as it has a longer range and most probably will solve the WiFi problem I had in Red Rock Hotel.

Apparently the latest El Capitan upgrade, made the adapter useless. 

So reformatting is the only way to get that modem working again. It's a painful thing to do as I have everything set up the way I want to. Still, I hope this can be done in time for the Penang Open.

Also, I hope I can get the Mac to connect to the DGT chess board so I don't have to rely on the other Dell notebook. One notebook for everything!