Sunday, December 06, 2015

Fritz 15

Posted by Andrew Ooi
Someone asked me during a tournament what's the latest version of Fritz. As if I know! I don't keep track of these things. I am no walking encyclopedia on all things chess.

Anyway just Google it, right?

Still after the tournament I did check for myself. It's version 15. I wonder why they even bother because it has been a long time Fritz has not been able to compete with the newer and stronger engines like Stockfish and Komodo.

So, I had to see what incentives a chess player will get if he purchases the latest and greatest Fritz.

According to Chessbase:-

During the course of a game, Fritz is able to constantly tailor its level to your playing strength and how much time you are using. The program can give you a sign when a tactical opportunity presents itself or point out typical mistakes to help you improve. Another exciting element is the new evaluation function that analyzes your playing strength throughout the game. Where are your strengths – where are your weaknesses? The opening? Middlegame? Or perhaps the endgame? Fritz 15 gives you an ELO rating for all three phases! 

Ok. So those are new I guess.

Price ? 58.74 EURO or RM 268. You get 6 months free on too.