Wednesday, December 30, 2015 too messy?

Posted by GilaChess
During the Johor Open, I showed one chess player who saw it for the first time . Waiting for some positive remark I instead I got "Too messy" as the comment. This has stuck in my mind till today.

But deep inside I have to admit it is really is a little messy.

The problem is this is the best grid/magazine type Wordpress template I can find so far. It's the design I have to stick with until a better one is found.

If you have some constructive design suggestion or better yet,  spot a better Wordpress design template or any website that is a good example, just leave a comment.

A website redesign for the new year ?


Anonymous said...

Yup, the grid it too messy.
make it more or less like chessbase style. simple and clear.
People went to your website only for 2 thing:
1. to know what happen in Malaysian chess (locally/internationally)
2. What's the next tourney, result of previous tourney
Other than that, like general tips for improving, will be redundant, unless, it was told by our successful chess player (by interview).

BTW, your 'snow falling' in december is actually adding to 'messiness', it just made reading more difficult. Dont use black background, use white background.
Keep it simple, and your site will be no1 resource for Malaysian chess.

btw, i dont have any suggestion which webdesign u should use. Not my forte.

GilaChess said...

Thanks for your comment.

Snow is gone. Background is White. Personally I don't like white because it hurts my eyes. But ok, let's try it out.

As for no 2, I cannot control the content of CATUR.ORG because this is a portal collection of contents from other blogs. I am planning to do that on my own though.

It's a new design but still using the GRID layout. I will try to find a more"chessbase" design if I can..

Niger said...

Hi Andrew,

I hope you didn't take my comments negatively. But I'm also glad it moved you enough to ask for feedback. Keep up the great job.

GilaChess said...

Thanks! Negative comments are good and welcomed as they can expose weaknesses I don't know of.