Thursday, December 10, 2015

Chess Etiquette and Sportsmanship

Posted by Andrew Ooi
In online chess and Starcraft I have faced really rude and unsporting behaviour. However in over the board chess it is less common experience for my so I want to highlight this one incident that took place in the Penang Open challengers' section:

The opponent faced one move checkmate and on his turn didn't make any moves and let the clock run down till he loses on time but he had one whole hour on the clock!

I personally feel this is very unsporting and just plain bad etiquette. The arbiter can step in and ask the player why he is not moving but in essence, this behaviour something quite ugly to see.

What's worse is the perpetrator is a young player. So should the blame go to his coaches or who ever taught him to behave like this ? Or is it forgivable as it's just petty behaviour from young ones and it's not such as serious infringement anyway ?

What do you think ?

p/s: I only found out about this thru Whatsapp but I asked around and found out that this incident actually did happen.
Just found out the person is just 8 years old so thats a factor too.


abdooss said...

Not the fault of his coach or Singapore or anyone else, as I had seen this done by Malaysian players too. Thankfully there are not many of them.

I would say it was simply bad manners. If they play chess only to win, let's remind them that Carlsen, Kasparov and other World Champion also lose from time to time. But they learned from their loss.

Niger said...

It's due to bad coaching. Many 8 year olds are too young to know better and the first thing they should teach is sportsmanship.

At one tournament I saw a veteran crown 4 queens to "humiliate" his opponent who didn't know he could resign. The veteran could have just finished the game much earlier. Poor sportsmanship is among veterans too.