Tuesday, December 15, 2015

GilaChess 1000th Post

Posted by GilaChess
I just noticed that this will be my 1000th blog post so I was thinking hard what to post?

Anyway it's always been filled with ramblings of a chess maniac, so I will ramble on in this 1000th post too :)

The first GilaChess post was in 2005 so this makes this blog 10 years old! However it was left inactive for a long time when I started blogging over at blog.gilachess.com and chess.maribelajar.com. However those 2 blogs are now dead, thanks to Exabytes. So I am grateful this blogspot website is still alive.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all in the chess community for supporting GilaChess one way or another.

On to more serious matters.

Rumours ! Rumours ! Rumours !

The rumours are untrue about the Johor 4xRapid Causeway Rapid. There are "insiders" who say that there may be cancellation of one or more of the 4 day event.  The logic is that since the response is so poor the organisers are forced to take measures like reducing prizes etc to cut losses.

Let me assure you. THE RUMOURS ARE UNTRUE !!

Contrary to recent rumours, there are NO CHANGES in the 4xRAPID causeway event be it in prize money, number of prizes, or anything. Everything remains as promised.

In addition, the organisers are announcing that there will be surcharge for late entries after Dec 16. So you still have a day to register without penalty.

Details and ways to register here.