Thursday, December 03, 2015

Chess Promo

Posted by Andrew Ooi
Here's another win for blogs against other popular marketing mediums like Facebook.

I do use Facebook a lot to promote my blog posts as so does other chess organisers and bloggers. Facebook is undeniably a fantastic marketing tool.

So, the above result is unexpected (even to me!) . It turns out is contributes  of the traffic I am getting. The other one third comes from Facebook. is running on Wordpress which essentially is a blog although it doesn't look or function like one. works as a chess portal to direct readers to anything they think is interesting. 

It used to have 30+ chess blogs but half of them were lost during the shift from Exabytes to my new server. So if I missed out your website or blog please facebook message me, email me or leave a comment here so I can add it in. It is still a good source of website traffic for those interested in getting more visitors.