Saturday, December 19, 2015

Indian Borage Defence (part 2)

Posted by GilaChess
The most memorable thing that I am grateful I lost in Johor is ... my cough!

Fell sick during the last day of Penang Open last week and had a fever, coughing fits and generally plain miserable time travelling back to Shah Alam. It felt like the same sickening flu/cough I caught at the Malaysian Open @ Cititel Hotel.  This time I immediately took the Indian Borage leaves  (like last time) in my tea with honey.

Unlike the last time, this time I am glad I did not get to the sore throat stage. But the cough persisted for the whole week I was in Johor. Today I am glad to say, it's gone :)

This plant is now valuable to me and I'm definitely taking it again if I get a cough :)