Monday, December 14, 2015

Good food around City Square

Posted by GilaChess
Of course other than chess, the 3ed most important thing (after WiFi to me at least) is food!

Johor is not like Penang but it is not without it's places for good food. I am no expert in Johor food so let's start of with some food reviews from other blogs.

Try this link:

I personally have tried #7 and #9 and they are not bad.

I'll probably try that chicken chop recommended by this blog

I also recommend Amma Restaurant which is just 5minutes walking distance from Amansari Hotel for South Indian Food. I particularly like their masala Thosai. It was the first shop I wanted to try last night as soon as I arrived. Unfortunately it was already closed at 11pm.

Please share if you know of any other good places to eat.


Anonymous said...

Food Court at Galleria Kotaraya less crowded, lots of choices