Saturday, December 12, 2015

Final Round pairings

Posted by GilaChess
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Round 9 on 2015/12/12 at 0900

13GMNguyen Duc Hoa24966GMVillamayor Buenaventura24545
22GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J.249666FMReyes Narquinden230131
315IMTin Jingyao240166GMLaxman R.R.24466
410FMLiu Xiangyi242566GMCao Sang24339
513IMPascua Haridas24196IMNguyen Van Huy24654
625FMYeoh Li Tian2350GMKomarov Dimitri25171
77GMVahidov Tair2445IMNguyen Van Hai235224
832FMTerekhov Andrey2291GMBitoon Richard24388
911IMNitin S.2424IMPurnama Tirta Chandra235622
1023GMBarus Cerdas2355IMDimakiling Oliver238117

It will be interesting to see Duc Hoa battle it out with last year's champ 'Bong' Villamayor. Villamayor had a set back when he lost to untitled Vietnamese Tran Ngoc Lan in the second round. However Bong bounced back winning his last 3 games in a row (no GM draws for this guy!) to set up this last round show down.

Lot's of 6 pointers and I hope they fight it out instead for going for quick calculated draws.