Monday, December 14, 2015

MCF calendar

Posted by GilaChess
I may be wrong but I feel that the Malaysian Chess Federation is moving backwards when it comes to public information about chess. Say what you can about Hamid during his tenure as Secretary of MCF but every year I will get an MCF calendar in my email consistently. All the major chess people will get it too so that the chess public will know MCF activity for the coming year. Last year and this year, the first I will see of the MCF calendar is some screen shot of a printed MCF calendar. My how far we have gone backwards.

This year is no different. The first I have seen of this elusive MCF calendar is  a blurry shot taken by some shaky camera phone.

So for this year, all I am hoping from MCF is to at least send out a proper MCF calendar to the relevant chess people and state associations.

PLEASE!! NO MORE SCREEN SHOTS !!! ( or at least learn now to use e-mail. It is not that difficult!)