Monday, November 23, 2015

Page traffic vanity

Posted by Andrew Ooi
I know this is quite vain - looking at my website traffic stats, but I just can't help it :)

Last weekend's event was of course the National Rapid and Blitz 2015 held at Tronoh Perak. I didn't go for the simple reason  no one asked me to. I just find it interesting that it got  traffic of 300+ for just a cut and paste results from and a recycled old picture of Nelson I took from the Pekan tourney ?I can only imagine what the traffic would be if I was there :)

There! Sorry. I just needed my minute of vanity.

Anyway with more eyeballs on this blog I guess there's some responsibility in providing more interesting chess news - something that will not be short of seeing that the Penang Open and Johor Open is coming soon. I am confirmed to be at Penang but still unsure about Johor.


Anonymous said...

2 tournament clash this weekend : 28 & 29 Nov Klang Valley Master and much better prize money, lower fee 28 Nov, IIUM GOMBAK (UIA GOMBAK)

Andrew Ooi said...

Thanks for the reminder. I totally forgot there are 3 tournaments coming this weekend including the UTAR open. Will repost them here as reminder to self and others...

Andrew Ooi said...

corrections .. 4 tournaments !!