Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Posted by GilaChess
So what are your preparations for the coming  Penang / Johor Open?

Mine is to solve the "chess" problems faced last year. The first two days of Penang Open I got to use my webcam to provide some live video feeds of the top boards complementing the live games handled by KedaiCatur. The problem was the the internet I was using was from PCA Vice President who let us use his cellular internet. This quickly became expensive as the quota was used up very fast. The hotel where the tournament was held has free WiFi. The problem was that it was weak and at the tournament hall it was totally not accessible.

So this year I am considering  this:-

It is definiely cheaper than topping up the prepaid WiFi. The antenna cost only RM 50 much less than topping up for one week's live broadcast.

It is of course going to look strange this big antenna connected to my notebook :)

Then again I am no stranger to desperate measures getting internet.

At 2008 DATMO the WiFi signal was weak at the 3rd floor convention centre so I used this "WiFry" antenna :-

Don't laugh. It worked when others weren't getting any internet. :)

Pictures from Quah Seng Sun's blog - Anything goes