Monday, November 30, 2015

Corrections: Yagi antenna is crap

Posted by Andrew Ooi
Not to mislead anyone about the Yagi antenna I talked about, I have to post this correction.

I thought this antenna was good but luckily found out that it really is NOT from Amazon reviews and eBay buyers feedback. That is not to say Yagi antennas are all crap but the cheap China made ones are really poor quality. It will improve your WiFi receiving signals but not as much as the "real" Yagi antennas are famous for. That is why I was misled by happy Lelong customers who got the antenna. They didn't know that the "real" Yagis have much better performance. They connect it to their normal WiFi and noticed better reception and most of the time this garners a positive response.

YouTube tests shows it is only marginally better than the TP-link 11Dbi antenna(above) I already have. I will use this in Penang Open instead of wasting my money on a Lelong or eBay Yagi.

This parabolic WiFi antenna is in consideration for 2016 tournaments :)