Tuesday, November 03, 2015

11th Anniversary

Just saw the above on my Google dashboard. I have to say WOW !! It's been that long?

Anyway thanks to Google as the money has "sponsored" my longest paid chess website GilaChess.com, MariBelajar.com. Those are dead now not because of Google but because of a poor local webhosting company who cannot secure their website from malware. I won't mention names but what the heck - Exabytes.

I lost interest and was supposed to quit chess altogether last year when I lost GilaChess and MariBelajar but I was surprised that the surviving the chess portal catur.org got just enough traffic to pay for itself for another year, thanks to Google again. Believe me, paying for webhosting and domain names can be an expensive affair. Just ask Stonemaster Fadli of Stonemaster.info. I will continue as long as the site can continue supporting itself.

In a way I have to thank the chess community too for reading tolerating my ramblings on chess and things not chess on my blogs. Without that traffic I wouldn't have had any revenue.

Thank you guys !!

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