Thursday, November 05, 2015

Photos supplied

Posted by Andrew Ooi

I am surprised my photo was used in an Australian ABC Radio National article about Anton Smirnov. 

The picture is clearly mine because I remember how Anton don't like to be photographed so that side angle was on purpose. I made sure not to be seen so as not to distract him during the game.

I posted it at my chess photo blog at

I was looking for some aknowledgement like my blog or name mentioned but I just see "(supplied)" in the photo caption. Definitely did not "supply" them the photo although I would have gladly done so if they asked.

In the past, ChessBase and New In Chess (for Wang Hao in Malaysian Open 2004) all mentioned me as their source and I was happy with that.

I am not angry. I do not want them to change their article to give some aknowlegement. I just want to go on record to say the pictures used are mine :)

There ! I've said it.

P/S: for the record, the last picture used in the article is also mine.