Saturday, November 07, 2015

Pekan tourney - post mortem on blogging

Posted by GilaChess

I measure how successful my blog postings are for a tournament by looking at the 3 stages.

  1. Pre stage - Marketing and publicity about the tournament.
  2. Event stage -  "Live" blogging during the event.
  3. Post stage - Final results with pictures etc.
For last month's Pekan, Pahang tourney: 

Stage 1 was just average as I could have posted earlier and cross posted my other chess blogs instead of just using this one. Clearly the event could have benefitted from more exposure. For example, Mok didn't realise there was an age group event held concurrently, otherwise he would have brought is kids too. We only knew this on arrival and seeing about 300+ kids taking part!

Stage 2 was good as for the first time I got a record of 1000+ visitors.

Stage 3 is hopeless. Didn't post anything about the end of the tournament except Udani's picture taking first price. This should have been done within 24 hours of the event prize giving. Something I got to fix !! :)

Anyway I finally got off my lazy behind and posted the somewhat belated results on my largely forgotten At least it "freshens" that site as I still have 2014 women masters as one of the featured post on the front page!