Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Johor and Penang Open targets

Posted by Andrew Ooi
It's just around the corner! Penang Open and Johor Open!!

So what are your targets? Winning top 10 prize? Increase rating? Better than last year's results?

Here's mine:

I didn't do a good job last year at Penang Open as I can't help it. I was more into the food than the chess :)

This year my aim is simple. To better this blog's  all time pageview record of 6000+. 10,000 maybe ...

P/S: Penang is confirmed but Johor is still uncertain. I am very keen but we will see..


Anonymous said... 12th Dec,Y CENTRE CHALLENGE, KOTARAYA, JB

Anonymous said...

It's a blogspot and not even on Johor Chess Association website. Is that a real tournament?