Monday, October 26, 2015

Betul betul Gila Chess !!

Posted by Andrew Ooi

Yesterday's drive back from Pekan to KL was 3 hours long but fortunately felt surprisingly short because I had IM Mok to talk to for the duration of the trip.

This morning I was greeted with the traffic stats that is plain crazy.

First day traffic for the Pekan event with 488 visitors is already impressive but over 1000 visitors for the second day? That's higher than Malaysian Chess Festival traffic! This goes to show I was not doing a good job during that event with too little updates :(

Anyway the good news is that there are really "Gila" chess fans out there and they are hungry for chess news. So bloggers, please take this as an encouraging sign and "feed" these hungry people with chess news !

I think the biggest contributing factor for the crazy traffic are the 3 live boards broadcast by The other factor is the chess organisers willingness to sponsor a humble blogger like me to come.

I take this opportunity to thank the organisers for this. When I do not have to worry about expenses like food, travel and accommodation, it makes blogging for any chess event easy.

P/S: I reiterate, blogs are not dead!


NWM 019-9699879 said...

Thanks Andrew for coming! hope to see you again next year.. with IM Mok too!

Andrew Ooi said...

Congrats on organising a smoothly run tournament Nisa. With a huge number especially for the junior section, it is very impressive that there is almost no dispute or complaints (except for that odd one you mentioned). Keep up the good work !!