Friday, November 13, 2015

Another DGT Chess Board?

Posted by Andrew Ooi

I got mine last year in May, 2014 for about RM 2700. It's the Bluetooth version and at that time local price was RM 5000 with the chess clock so what I got was definitely a good bargain. This was possible because of timing. Someone I knew was coming back from the US and I took advantage by getting it then.

The opportunity has come around once again and I may have someone else to do the same. Then instead of just one, I can broadcast 2 live chess boards!!

However reality sets in and I've forgotten about how bad our currency has become. Even the cheaper non-bluetooth DGT board will cost me RM 3, 923 today with the best bargains I can get online.

My own bluetooth DGT model price is now RM 4,800 best online price (not including delivery) with today's exchange rate.

Maybe next year then, if the economy improves... :(