Thursday, December 08, 2016

GilaChess Monopoly

Posted by GilaChess
I know it sounds egotistical but for Malaysian Chess niche, Gilachess owns the web traffic.

It's not only this blog that has the highest traffic (although during events such as the Malaysian Chess Festival and Penang Open - it certainly has) but the chess portal which serves as reference to chess updates for other chess events and news.

The other reason is of course, having no competition from other chess blogs, getting a monopoly on web traffic is automatic. Instead of being pleased, I am very sad because it means the "glory" years of Malaysia having 30+ active chess blogs is now gone :(

Blogs are dead some say. And it is true in most parts having been replaced with social media, whatsapp etc.

I rarely check my websites' traffic nowadays. My metric of measurement for traffic and public following is strangely Facebook notifications.
That's the highest I've got within just a couple of hours.

It's not about me and my postings but rather the tremendous interest in Malaysian Chess and the limited sources where news and updates can be found!

I am mostly inactive from chess now except for the Malaysian Open, Penang Open and the odd sponsored chess event, so I am looking forward for new blood like AIChess, ABChess etc to fill this huge vacuum.