Monday, October 10, 2016

Blogs are dead? Long live Facebook?

Posted by GilaChess

1300 pageviews in a day is the highest I've ever received for this blogspot website.

The previous highest was for the Pekan tourney held last year, getting 1000+ pageviews in one day. This record even beats the Malaysian Chess Festival traffic which is usually the highest for the year.

So to answer the question, blogs are NOT dead and taken over by Facebook. However, with many of the local chess blogs all being inactive, it's not surprising that most people think otherwise. Even MCF website has gone dormant for a long time. The only active thing about MCF website that they are paying for website hosting and keeping the domain name!

I am not surprise why we are seeing higher traffic than ever before. No competition with any other blog or website.

Also, surprising that I lazily sat at home to write about the recent HSN Putrajaya event which got me this "gila" traffic. All I had was 2 post. One was the short results and the other the live games whose PGN I "stole" from AIChess DGT boards. Could the traffic be higher if I had blogged at the venue itself ? I strongly believe so.

There is tremendous local interest in news about the many weekend tournaments we have around Malaysia now but not enough source to get it from. People are hungry for chess news and the only avenue is via ad hoc postings in Whatsapp and Facebook updates from friends.

All I want to say is, there is a huge vacuum now. I am not boasting as I am mostly "retired" from chess blogging with the exception of the chess festival, Penang and Johor open. Any new blogger who spends even the smallest effort can easily be the top chess website for Malaysia now :)