Saturday, September 12, 2015

What can chess players do against the haze?

Posted by GilaChess
The haze is coming in thick and hard here at Klang Valley and it's timing cannot be worse what with the coming Malaysian Chess Festival.

Still there are things chess players can do to reduce the bad effects of the unhealthy air quality.

Obviously most of us already know the common ones like

  • close all the doors and windows
  • buy face masks
  • stay indoors and 
  • drink more fluids.

I am just going to suggest an extra tip. Bring in air filters !!

By this I mean plants that actually clean air.

Get one pot of this from the supermarket (at Mid Valley - they actually sell them!) for around RM 10 and it's worth it.

You can put this in your bedroom or even in the hotel room if you staying at Cititel for the week and it should make the indoor air better. Don't laugh. NASA has classified some plants that actually work better than those expensive electronic air filters. Air is an important asset to chess players as the brain needs clean air and oxygen to work optimally. So this may even mean doing well or not in the tournament!

With the small space that a hotel room typically takes up, just one small pot of this air filtering plant is enough.

Heck if it doesn't work then it's just RM 10 of your money - something comparable to the N95 mask that most people will be getting anyway.

I'll add more pictures of the types of plants that make good air filters.

Also check out this article on how to beat the haze with indoor plants. And if that's not enough check out these additional top 10 magical indoor plants to act as air filters.

Take care!!