Saturday, September 19, 2015

Promo time !!

Posted by GilaChess
On social media the Facebook page for the Malaysian Chess Festival has 600+ likes and the Festival Event page has 800+ contacts. Small by international standards but it's the biggest ever for a chess event in Malaysia.

Also in terms of participants, this is the biggest chess event in Malaysia. Already, the Astro Merdeka Team event is the biggest we ever had.

To hype things out, I present a dynamic link for all things related to the Malaysian Chess Festival (blogs, photo pages, facebook page, tournament websites, etc) as a widget.

In Malaysia we have (or had) one of the biggest chess blogging community of over 30 chess blogs!! I am doing this to promote more active chess blogs since this is potentially my last year in chess.

Chess bloggers please take advantage of this to promote your own blog. All you have to do is include the given code in your sidebar (as HTML widget) and upon seeing this or when you inform me (PM me on Facebook is best) I will include your site to the widget. This will immediately be reflected in all websites carrying the widget.

I've already added the widget on this blog. You can view it on the top right hand side.

CODE to cut and paste:

<img align="center" border="0" src="" />
<iframe frameborder="0" height="220" src="" width="300"></iframe>