Thursday, September 17, 2015

GilaChess retired

Posted by GilaChess

I know, I did announce my retirement from chess verbally last year during the Malaysian Festival. Even my main chess website, was allowed to expire without renewal.

I gave "major" chess events like the National Closed, Selangor Open, KL Open etc a miss.

My plan was to allow my existing chess related website like to expire too. Cost of keeping up the websites is quite taxing. Then my "retirement" will be complete.

So why am I still actively promoting the Malaysian Chess Festival ? the chess portal still continues with the ad revenue generated for at least another year. Something unexpected as most of my online ad revenue came from my 2 major websites - and - both of which are now expired. Catur surprisingly manage to make just enough to pay for this year's web hosting.

So until that money runs out I will still keep running. And I will still keep promoting Malaysian Chess Festival like I have done in past years because I feel I owe the community for covering the cost my website. When was first launched, it was the chess community that came together with donations to start it off.

So at least for the duration of this year's Malaysian Chess Festival is on I will still be "in chess". So am I then "retired from chess" ? Looks like not yet ... at least not until the end of the year when all my chess websites are set to expire.

Until that fateful day, see you at the Malaysian Chess Festival !! :)