Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rainy morning - go away haze!

Posted by GilaChess

Looking at the heavy rain and considering the past few days of heavy haze, this is a god send.

Still at my favourite Nasi Lemak shop and the fast internet inspires me to get some work done using just the iPad.

I even set up FTP "manually" using command line (yes! on the iPad!)  to make it easy to upload chess pictures and results from my phone or tablet. Something technically too troublesome and time consuming if you asked me to do it a  year ago. I would probably get a server with something automated like CPanel and FTP built-in to avoid the hassle.

However I have been getting my hands "dirty" last couple of weeks so this has become a less challenging task.

Finished and just in time too. The nasi lemak is having it's effect and the cool morning rain is starting to make me sleepy. :)