Sunday, September 06, 2015

PC on a stick anybody?

Posted by GilaChess

Chess players (decent ones anyway) all carry some form of computers to chess tournament for reference to ChessBase and chess engines especially to week long tournaments like the coming Malaysian Chess Festival.

For me I think it's cool, instead of carrying a whole notebook, you just carry something slightly bigger than a thumbdrive in your pocket which can do everything your regular notebook can do.

Most hotel room nowadays are equipped with LCD TV with USB ports on them. The TVs in Cititel Mid Valley is about 21 inches so that's definitely bigger than any notebook or tablet screen you can carry. That's a big plus to see things bigger and maybe from the confort of the bed :)

This is the new Vivo Stick - a PC you can carry in your pocket.

It's not like a computer. It is a computer.

It's a PC because of the hardware specs as follows:

  • 2GB of RAM, 
  • 32GB of storage
  • two USB ports 
  • one headphone jack
  • Intel Cherry Trail processor with built-in  Intel graphics

Cost : USD 129.

It weighs almost nothing at 70 grams includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support.

With the above specs it's capable of running Windows 10, with the latest Chessbase and chess engines like a regular PC.

This is definitely one of the cooler chess tech a chess player can carry around his pocket !

Only negative is that the product is not on sale yet and Asus says it is "to be announced" later. Otherwise this is definitely something I will get if not for chess but something essential to carry around when staying in hotels or aways from your regular computer.

Admittedly the CPU may not be the most powerful, but it's better than most tablets and even netbooks you may be using as an alternative chess help gadget.

With the crazy strong engines you can use, a weaker processor is not a big handicap and most chess player's will find this more than adequate, unless of course you are one of the elite top 100 in the world!