Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Penang Open - off to a great start

Posted by GilaChess
Opening Speeches

In the speech, Mr Lee spoke about how Penang has become a dominant force competitively among all states in Malaysia.

Clearly, the results speak for themselves, from scholastic/junior chess Penang is MSSM champion this year. Also the recent Inter State was also won by Penang. In this respect, most other states should be thinking how they can emulate Penang's success. If that can be achieved, Malaysia will definitely become a chess force to be reckoned with internationally.

 I was here for the first Penang Open and it was pretty modest with only one GM taking part. The 8th edition of the Penang Open sees 8 GM and a host of other titled players taking part. Total participants are 98 in the Open section and a whopping 223 in the Challengers' section.

This is the biggest chess event in Malaysia second only to the Malaysian Chess Festival.