Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Exabyte induced fears and phobia

This has got to be my biggest psychological "trauma" suffered while chess blogging.

The Exabyte nightmare I endured and experienced  for years has resulted me having this phobia of losing content if I posted to a paid hosted website. I do pay for GilaChess.net and it is by far a better platform to host my chess content but I have chosen to post everything to blogspot instead.

This "Exabyte phobia" has resulted in a lot of lost revenue as the ratio of earnings between hosted and paid website vs free hosting (blogspot) is something like 9 to 1. It is not a stretch to say I have lost thousands of ringgit over the course of 3 years because of this "phobia".

My current webhost, DigitalOcean, has been exemplary in terms of service, web performance and economical. It is miles ahead of Exabytes in terms of Web Hosting services but the phobia remains. I am afraid that some disaster will befall me like my time with Exabytes.

Of course all that is totally unfounded with daily backups and my webhost good performance thus far. things are safer than ever.

So I say "NO MORE!! Exabytes. I will not let this phobia plague me any longer".

Just like a chess player who fears playing against a certain opening, I've decided bite the bullet, face my fears and will start to use my paid webhost GilaChess.net more often. After all, I have taken pot shots at MCF for never updating their website.

Don't want to be a hypocrite and nurture a white elephant too (paying for something and never using it).

Please help support GilaChess. All I want from readers is simply go and read any new articles which will mostly be results of tournaments and announcements of events at GilaChess.net.

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FN LN said...

Better to lose a few thousand RM than USD, but of course, better to lose nothing at all. :-) To that end, I'll start to read your blog to better learn what makes you tick or, as the case may be, even tock. :-)

As we all internalize things differently, it's conceivable that you might be suffering from some form of PTSD, as crazy as it may sound (to many). But not to me, as I'm well aware that over the years, you have put in uncountable long days/nights with your blood and sweat into this entity you call gilachess. You nurtured and tended to it every step of the way from the very beginning to see it grow to what it ultimately became. Essentially, it's your mind and soul - an alter-ego of sorts that was gilachess. It's therefore not an exaggeration then to say that to lose gilachess it is to lose part of yourself, just as real as some part of you just died. Which explains perfectly why you feel that induced fears and phobia, for you just experienced what is no less than a traumatic event.

Now that you (hopefully) have a better understanding of the cause and effect, and can better identify what makes you feel the way you do, I hope you will have an easier time sleeping tonight.

Good luck, Andrew!




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