Saturday, December 03, 2016

Malaysia Chess - Who is on top?

Posted by GilaChess

Who is on top politically? Who is on top based on chess strength? I don't care for that. You know better than that! I am more concerned about website influence and search engine favourites. Looks like Google likes MCF website and ranks it right on top. Second is our own Mr Lim Tse Pin (Rating Officer) blog. He is also MCF Vice President if not mistaken as I cannot confirm now as the previous list of office bearers in MCF website is no longer there (Note to MCF webmater - PLEASE FIX IT :) ) . FIDE site takes 3rd and 4th spot for Malaysian FIDE rating links. chess portal comes in at 5th position.

Usually I would feel competitive and try to knock off MCF website from it's top spot by applying some SEO strategies (which is pretty easy!)  but as I am no longer into chess, I will not consider investing any time into that :)

Still, MCF website only ranks highly because it has the main key words in it's domain name - "Malaysia" and "Chess". Same goes to Lim Tse Pin's blog.  So, I hope both sites will continue to have regular and relevant updates as they now represent "Malaysia Chess" to the eyes of netizens.

What I am sad is the list used to include other top chess blogs like Hairulov, Gilocatur etc but Google has noticed the inactivity and reduced their importance in their search category. Hopefully new sites such as AIChess which has not yet moved into this space, will one day fill up the vacuum and make the content for "Malaysia Chess" more diverse and interesting.

I am also hoping for young blood to take over the chess blogging/Faceboooking scene as the current energy shown by AIChess, ABChess and others looks promising.


Unknown said...

Looks like I also need to change my domain to something else which contain malaysia and chess and news .... mmmmm.....

GilaChess said...

Yes it would help but if it is just for Malaysian Chess, it will not take much effort to become #1 as this niche is not competitive at all. Any name will do but knowing some SEO tips would help immensely.

Anonymous said...

+ voucher + mydin, sure got lots of hits one