Sunday, September 11, 2016

Good result in Round 7 for Malaysians @ Baku Olympiad

Posted by GilaChess
From NM Kamal Abdullah:-

42nd Chess Olympiad, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Round 7: Guatemala vs Malaysia. Won 3.5-0.5

We were on a high after our second 3.5 win in a row! Tze Han on board 2 had a rather exciting miniature (21 moves) against his higher rated opponent. Jimmy had no trouble punnishing his opponent after the latter made an error in the opening. Sumant totally "sumanted" his opponent yet again. Only Mok was held to a draw, though he was better in the endgame.

We seem to be testing the prowess of the Latin American players.. We are paired against Bolivia next!

(to navigate, press a1 - rewind all moves, d1 - back one move, e1 - forward one move)