Friday, September 30, 2016

3 way clash

Posted by GilaChess

I have not followed the chess scene lately so you must forgive me for only posting about this now especially since the tournaments are happening as soon as tomorrow!

I think it's a pity as these 3 tourneys are relatively big as far as 1-2 days rapid tournaments go in terms of prize money(RM 2500-3500 for first prize). Personally I wished they did not clash and I believe chess players would love to have the opportunity to participate in all three separately.

For some reason only known to the organisers, they didn't change their dates and sadly, these event will clash. Some may argue that there is so many tournaments and/or these tourneys are separated geographically enough (Langkawi - Pahang - Seremban)  that it doesn't matter.

Anyway, here are the details I can cut and paste from the big 3.