Monday, September 12, 2016

Cut and paste blogging

Posted by GilaChess
Please don't just cut and paste to blog.

Case in point. One new and very raw chess blog enthusiastically posted the recent Malaysian Chess Festival Blitz #1 tournament result as being won by FM Mehar of India. In fact FM Mehar only got shared 7-8th place. This is the result of the blogger not taking the effort in communicating with anybody in the tournament. If he or she had, it would be clear that the blitz was not only 7 rounds as shown in chess-results.

There was a knockout tournament after that. The 7 rounds was used to get the best 8 players who later went on to play in an exciting armageddon knock out.

So taking final standings of the 7 rounds from chess results as the FINAL result  is totally wrong!

Of course I will not link to the erroneous blog(s) because that will only add to the confusion . The blitz is a minor event so the wrong reporting is not so serious but PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T JUST CUT AND PASTE.

If you are too lazy to come to the tournament hall at least communicate with the organisers to find out further details.

Full blitz results including interactive cross table can be found at