Friday, September 09, 2016

Astro Merdeka Team Open: Round 1

Posted by GilaChess
Yet another huge Astro Merdeka Team event with possibly the biggest turnout ever forcing the organisers to use 2 extra rooms outside of the main playing halls. I will post the exact numbers later. All I can say now it is HUGE! :)

Results after Round 1.

Pinoy team Chess Castle had the fastest 4-0 win because their opponent Perlis State Team did not turn up.

KL ChessKids another pinoy team also took a 4-0 win.

I am going to predict total domination  by the Philipines and Indonesia teams for this year's team event too.

What do you think?

PEBT -DEFM Selangor on their way to winning 4-0 against Kaki Melaka. The former is possibly the strongest Malaysian team in this event consisting of Yeoh Li Tian, Nik Ahmad Farouqi, Nicholas Chan and Marcus Chan.

Team pairings
Round 1 on 2016/09/09
150Perlis State Team [M/S]0:4Chess Castle1
22KLChessKids4:0Dukes of Chess [M]51
352The White Knight [M/U16]1:3Marfori Philippines3
44Jakarta - B4:0Penang U16 State Team [M/S/U16]62
55GARUDA4:0Kinabalu C [M/S]53
654Merdeka Warriors [M]0:4Snoopy6
77PeBT - DEFM Selangor [M]4:0Kaki Chess Melaka [M/S]55
856Kinabalu D [M/S]0:4Tagaytay City Philippines8
99PAMA Chess Club4:0PDRM A [M/Govt]57
1058UPM [M/IPT]0:4The Empty Revolution10
1112DATCC 14:0Penang Chess Warriors [M]59
1264Johor U16 State Team [M/S/U16]0:4De Market A13
1319IntChess Asia4:0MCE (Just Kidding) [M/U16]65
1466Penang CLOBA B [M/S]0:4DU 3114
1561NMA Conquerors [M]0:4Jakarta - A15
1616Jakarta - C4:0MARAN Junior [M/U16]67
1768Penang Ladies State [M/S/L]1:3CES17
1818MARAN Senior3:1Master Gambit [M]69
1970Perak Junior [M/S]0:4King KAPCAI [M]21
2022Penang State Team [M/S]4:0G FORCE [M/L/U16]71
2172IJM / S2 Community [M]0:4Kinabalu A [M/S]23
2224Selangor B [M/S]4:0Penang Pink Fluffy Unicorns [M]73
2374Hornbill [M/U16]1:3Chess 6425
2426Indus International School B [Sch]½:MBSSKL Jr. [M/U16/Sch]75
2576Poison Ivy [M/L/U16]0:4Jakarta - D Putri [L]27
2628Klang BKT [M/S]3:1SSM United [M/U16]77
2763Stingray KSRP Team [M]0:4Seahorse KSRP Team [M]29
2830KL State Team  [M/S]:½MBS & WMS KL [M/U16]78
2979Nusa Mahkota Junior (Hang Nadim) [M/U16]0:4Pelajar SMP Indonesia [U16]31
3032Klang Valley Tigers3:1KBAT [M/S/U16/Sch]80
3181Catholic High School [M/S/Sch]½:Satu Malaysia [M]33
3235Penang CLOBA A [M/S]4:0SAS Putrajaya  [M]82
3383MBSSKL Team Knight [M/Sch]0:4Engko Memang Terrel [M]36
3437ASTRO Ladies [M/L]4:0Chess Generation [M/U16]84
3585PDRM B [M/Govt]½:Kinabalu B [M/S]38
3639Indus International School A [Sch]1:3Jonah's Warriors [M/S/U16]86
3787Sweet 13 Girls [M/L/U16]0:4Kelantan State Team [M/S]40
3841Penang Overwalk [M/S]4:0Team IMU [M/IPT]89
3990Blackpearl KSRP Team [M]½:UTP Dragons [M/IPT]42
4043Cili Padi [M]4:0Johor U16 Girls [M/S/U16]91
4192Lara's Knights [M/U16]0:4Seroja44
4245The Old Frees Association [M/S]4:0GLOIRION [M/U16]93
4394SXI B [M/U16/Sch]0:4MAKSWIP [M/S/Govt]46
4447Swordfish KSRP Team [M]3:1CLHS Forces [M/S/U16/Sch]88
4520DATCC 23:1Selangor A [M/S/U16]48
4649Johor State Team [M/S]4:0Spearfish KSRP Team [M]95
4796SXI A [M/U16/Sch]0:4Calamba City Philippines11
4860Chess Chess1:3Anything34