Monday, September 05, 2016

Baku Olympiad: Round 3

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Sumant's smashing pawn rollers

[Event "Baku Chess Olympiad | Open"]
[Site ""]
[Date "2016.09.04"]
[Round "3"]
[White "Subramaniam, Sumant"]
[Black "Perez Gormaz, Matias"]
[Result "1-0"]
[Board "3"]
[WhiteID "5702720"]
[WhiteElo "2137"]
[WhiteCountry "MAS"]
[WhiteFideId "5702720"]
[WhiteEloChange "17"]
[BlackID "3406342"]
[BlackElo "2444"]

As reported by NM Mohd Kamal Abdullah on Facebook:

42nd Chess Olympiad.. Round 3 report
Men: Lost 1-3
We were unable to "chill" the Chilean team. Mok put up a stuvborn fight against hi GM opponent and made some inaccurate decisions in time pressure. On board 2, Tze Han lost to also another GM. The man of the match certainly belonged to Sumant. He totally dominated his 2400+ rated FM opponent and played brilliantly. His opponent, who is of same age as Sumant, didn't know what hit him. I lost to my IM opponent and was worse after the opening. However, there was a drama that unforlded upon reaching the first tine control. We both recorded 40 moves on our scoresheet and as black, my clock jumped aitomatically added 30 minutes. But my opponent's time did not get the additional 30 minutes. He kept on thinking and I raised the point to the arbiter when his clock read 0:00... Which was strange. The arbiter upon checking the clock, noticed that the device only recorded white as having nade 39 moves only (illogical) and made the decision tgat the clock was faulty.. And went on to change the clock. It took him a good 6 minutes to do so which was to the benifit of ny opponent who enjoyed free time ro look at the position. Jimmy protested but nothing was done. The game continued and I lost in another time scramble.
Upon checking what happened after the game, my opponent playing white made his first move, pressed the lever on the clock abd only then pressed the start button (I was in the toilet when the first move was played). This resulted in the clock as identifying my side as white!! Upon checking with some other senior arbiters back at the hotel, the arbiter should gave the win to me as it was white who made the technical error. But in true sportsmanship, we didn't pursue the matter. I lost the game fair and square.
Current standing after round 3: 94
Ladies: won 3.5-0.5
Our ladies were far superior that their opponents with only Li Ting veing stretched to a draw after a long battle.


Anonymous said...

Under Olympiad regulation 7.4, Black player is supposed to start White clock at the start of the game. Also both players are supposed to be seated at the board at start. The irregularity kamal mentioned is caused by kamal himself. It is churlish for kamal to now blame the opponent. It would have been embarassing for Malaysia if liew had officially appealed.