Thursday, September 11, 2014

MCF website: Suggestions

Posted by GilaChess
Happy to see the launch of MCF new website ( <== good  and easy to remember URL) on March this year.

It appears as the top entry for Google Search keywords on "Malaysia Chess" -two key words natural for a stranger who wants to know about Malaysian Chess. So this is a good place for anyone new to find out about chess in Malaysia. Interesting to note that if it was "Malaysian Chess" then CAS (Chess Association of Selangor) blog will be on top of the search result, not MCF but close enough I guess.

However very sad to see that it has not been updated as can be seen from their list of archives that stops on the month of April !

It is good that MCF spent the initiative to look more professional and move away from the hobbyist free blogspot website and get a paid hosted website as well as  buy a professional looking Wordpress theme (Sports Gazzette Wordpress Theme - USD 59).

So my suggestion is simple. UPDATE the website !

Get a specific person to do it ~ a proper web administrator ! Don't just pay USD 59 and get a wordpress theme, post a few articles and let the site slowly gather dust.

Also, since the old blog ( still turns up as the number 1 spot for someone searching in Google for "Malaysian chess federation", it would be wise to put a prominent link on the old blogspot site redirecting visitors to the "new" official federation website. Otherwise you will have people looking at the old content which is outdated.

I may not be active in chess anymore but it is very sad to see those elected to represent Malaysian Chess not being active in this area. Also it is a waste of USD 59 as well as whatever MCF is paying for the yearly webhosting if the site is not used at all.

P/S: With the chess festival starting soon, web searches for "Malaysia Chess" will no doubt be at it's peak for this period.


Anonymous said...

The entire MCF management should resign and pave way for new leader to take over. Tan Sri are not playing the role of president...cant see any improvements...Msian Chess cant progress well with current committee members... just imagine...already months the new website launch...but zero is the president doing? if cant control own committee member..that person are not qualified enough to lead a association....

Anonymous said...

Any suitable candidate you may suggest??

Anonymous said...

the MCF has official webmaster & he is doing good job. Please don't throw mud and criticism when you don't know a single thing! Gilachess FYI not everything revolves around your precious "chess festival".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:12AM....who is doing good job ya? are u blind or are u pretending blind? gilachess are the best person so far in Malaysian chess blogsites..he is chess otai...Gilchess...keep going with your superb job....MCF are not qualified to act against you..there are nobody in Malaysian chess!!!!!
Anon 8:29AM...well said...the entire MCF team should resign with immediate effect...will they?