Saturday, September 06, 2014

No more hard disk for me!

Posted by Andrew Ooi

I can't believe I lost the entire collection of 2013 Malaysian Chess Festival photos. That's almost 800 pictures from the event.


I saved it to my USB hard disk and accidentally formatted it when I was installing windows on my Mac. I needed to install a new partition on the Mac but wiped my USB hard disk connected to it.

Bummer !!

Anyway, this year the plan is not to rely on traditional hard disk and throw all my chess pictures into the "cloud". The service I will be using is Flickr as it gives 1 Terrabyte of space and I have a couple of Google accounts I can use.

Also there are iPad apps and Android apps to automatically sync pictures to Flickr so it should be convenient.


Anonymous said...

My technician sometimes can recover back lost data due to HDD reformat.. No guarantee but can try. Saprin.

GilaChess said...

Thanks Saprin,

I know it can be recovered but I did something even more stupid like formatting it and copying more data unto it. That effectively killed all chances of recovery.