Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Thanks to GilaChess supporters - relaunch and a new look for GilaChess

MCF website has inspired me to restart GilaChess website which has been 'dead' for almost 2 years.

If you haven't seen the 'new' MCF site take a look at it at:

Here's a screenshot:

It looks absolutely professional. Best of all you needn't spend a bomb to get this design. It's wordpress and cost about USD 59. It's called the SportsGazette theme and can viewed and  bought from

MCF website is refreshing as it carries not only local news but lots of international news as well. However, I had hoped it carried more relevant content too like the recent Masters selection criteria which was splintered and left to be announced on Tse Pin blog and Haslindah's blog respectively. 

Thanks to the contribution of those who bought my picture DVD (RM 10 per DVD) of the Selangor Open I have enough money to pay for my own theme. Though tempting I won't go for the same theme as MCF website.

Instead I am looking at this:-
Demo of this template can be seen here.

Main reason being, it is suitable for displaying chess results and announcing  upcoming events which is mainly what the old GilaChess website was about.

It costs USD 45 and I am letting GilaChess supporters know that the money you gave me goes right back into the website. It will take some time for me to customise and set up the template (hopefully not too long :) )

Again. Thanks for the support guys!

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