Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Short Shoots FIDE .. again

Posted by GilaChess
From Australian IT article.
Ranked 30th in the world and living in Greece with his wife and two children, Short accuses the World Chess Federation (FIDE) of mismanaging the game and failing to attract sponsors. "Next year people will be playing chess on their mobile phones, but FIDE is just not up to the job," he says.
Interesting prediction by the former world no. 3. I keep get beaten by Chess Genius on my 3 year old Nokia 7650 handphone. Mobile phone chess is pretty strong. Anyway have not tried playing online vs a human opponent yet on a mobile phone or PDA. It would certainly be an interesting experience. Especially using a stylus to tap the moves out on the PDA screen. I believe it is faster than on the PC using a mouse.