Thursday, November 17, 2005

Downed TCN website is now up

Posted by GilaChess
One of the many Chess websites that I maintain, The Chess Network (TCN) was down for almost a week because of server upgrades. The database has been upgraded from MySQL 3.23 to the newer (and supposedly better) MySQL 4.1. It took a bit of work on my part to figure out how to migrate all the old data to work with the new database but I've finally done it. If you don't yet know, TCN is the Malaysian Chess Federatiion (MCF) official website. MCF was busy the past few months with the organisation of the 2nd Malaysian Open (won by Wang Hao) and the World Championship Zonal 3.3 for this region (jointly won by GM Utut Adianto and GM Mark Paragua) Now the next step is to upgrade my own personal website - GilaChess. It's in desperate need of a new and overdue makeover,