Thursday, November 24, 2005

Monetory Incentive Scheme (Malay only)

Posted by GilaChess
I know that this is a bit of a touchy issue at Chess-Malaysia newsgroup recently but I've decided to post it anyway. Any monetory incentive for chess is good even with the racial limitation this particular scheme proposes:- From Mr Fadli Zakaria representing Epolychess Enterprise:-
On behalf of Epolychess Enterprise,we gladly to announce starting next year january2006 to end january 2009(3 years),incentive scheme will be given to all qualified malaysian MALAY chess players. 1. Champion National closed tournament for men category (with a title of NM)-RM500.Champion National closed tournament for women (with a title NWM)-RM300 2. Any title achieve from title to title(minimum title to claim incentive is FM or WIM).If obtain title from non title to title FM (will get RM500).From FM to IM(will get Rm500),from non title to IM (will get RM1000),from non title to GM(RM1500),from IM to GM (RM500).For current FM (FM Anas & FM Johan),because they already achieved FM title,they only have to reach FIDE RATING 2250 to get special incentive RM350,if they still able to reach FIDE RATING 2300 in the FIDE RATING LIST within the 3 years epolychess incentive scheme period,they still will get RM400(refer item no. 2).For current WFM(WFM Siti zulaikha,she will get RM400 if she able to get title WIM and also will get RM300 if she obtain FIDE RATING 2250 & above. For women,from non title/WFM to WIM is RM400,WIM to WGM is RM400,non title to WGM is RM800. 3.AND!!!any Malaysian MALAY Chess players(men & women) obtain 2300 & above & recorded in the FIDE RATING LIST, you will get RM400.for women,will get another RM400 if obtain 2250 & above & recorded in the FIDE RATING LIST. Please email/write official letter to epolychess enterprise ( within 1 month to claim your incentive.thank you. "MAJULAH SUKAN CATUR MELAYU DI MALAYSIA"
My Thoughts ... I am Chinese and Mr Fadli did help me when my PC blew up by generously sponsoring a new PC (heavily discounted). I thank him a lot for that. He is not a racist in my books. is partly powered by EpolyChess in a sense as I'm still using that PC till today.