Wednesday, November 09, 2005

China eyes first Chess World title

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China eyes first Chess World title 2005-11-09 China's national team yesterday sought to expand its narrow lead over heavily favored Russia in search of its first world chess championship. The two teams have been battling for the top spot since the tournament began November 1, with the Chinese men's team on Monday poking ahead by a half point. Heading into a matchup yesterday with the third-place US team, China had 16 points. Russia has 15.5 points. The tournament is expected to come to a dramatic close tomorrow, when the two leaders will clash in a battle that will most likely clinch the championship. The Soviet Union has dominated the sport, and since its demise the former Soviet republics have continued to lead the field. An upset victory by China would give it its first championship ever. The team championships are being held in the desert city of Beersheba, which has the highest number of chess grand masters per capita in the world, most of them immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Nine teams are competing in the event: China also sent a women's team, which is in last place. Also participating are Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Cuba, Armenia, Georgia and the United States. The Associated Press