Thursday, August 31, 2017

Malaysian Open : Round 5 leaders

Posted by GilaChess

5 GMa share the lead with 4½ out of 5 points in the Open section of the Malaysian Chess Festival 2017 in the biggest Malaysian Open ever consisting of 162 players.
They are:

  • GM Zhou Jianchao 
  • GM Fang Yuxiang 
  • GM Tran Tuan Minh 
  • GM Yu Ruiyuan 
  • GM Vishnu Prasanna. V
There are 4 more rounds to go. Today (Thursday, 31 August) is a rest day as well as Malaysia's National Day. There will be a one day rapid held at the same venue (Cititel-5th floor). Although official closing date is already past, you can still check if there are extra slots for entry (be at the hall @ 11am).

Interactive cross table:-

GM Fang Yuxiang